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Our Concierge Services

Hire an Affordable Personal Bookkeeper

We service individuals who want to free themselves from the day to day of managing their personal finances. We also offer Elder Care bookkeeping services to Senior Citizens (and their care givers) to help Seniors' with their finances, so they can focus on their health care. Whether your loved one is no longer independent or simply needs extra help to enjoy their lives, FMS can provide daily cash management for Senior Citizens.

Bill Pay Service

Paying household bills on time can be challenging. I can help organize monthly bills and ensure they get paid on time, every month. 

For individuals on a fixed income, it’s important to stick to a strict budget. Even if money isn’t an issue, it’s important to make sure no one is being exploited and money isn’t going missing. Providing daily cash management and budgeting provides safeguards and financial accountability.

When tax time comes, one of the biggest struggles is gathering all the necessary reports and financial documents. I help organize everything in one place, so there’s no need to search or dig for records. 

Many individuals have multiple sources of income, including social security, pensions, annuities, IRA, 401k, investments, and other retirement accounts. It can be difficult to keep track of everything. I will set up systems to verify that income is coming in as expected. Services for Elder Care will include an alert a loved one if there is an issue. 

 I provide monthly checkbook balancing and provide reports.

Everyone is susceptible to fraud or incorrect charges, regardless of age. It’s happened to everyone. That’s why it’s critical to monitor bank accounts and credit card statements. That’s an added bonus to hiring an bookkeeper. If anything suspicious arises, I will take immediate action to alert you, or loved ones under our Elder Care program, so accounts can be frozen and charges reversed. 

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